One Sheet Folded Minibook

One sheet of paper minibook tutorial.
One page folded minibook directions.
One sheet of paper folded mini origami book
One sheet mini-book, One sheet, one cut minibook
Zine book

Use one piece of regular sized paper 8 1/2 by 11 inches.
This book is 8 pages including the front and back cover, 6 pages to add content to.
Basic instructions can be adapted to any size paper.

Match edges up precisely —
Uneven paper edges = uneven folding and crooked pages.

Fold paper in half the long way (11 inch side) matching edges evenly. (Fold 1)
Fold paper in half the short way (8 1/2 inch side) matching edges evenly. (Fold 2)
Fold each of the 8 1/2 edges into the center fold, and fold down. (Fold 3 and Fold 4)

You should have 8 sections of evenly folded paper.

Condition your folds by refolding each fold the opposite way.
This will help when it comes time to fold your book up.

Fold paper again on the center 8 1/2 inch fold so that only four sections show.
Hold the fold so that it is facing you.

Cut the “pink” line only as seen in the diagram below.
Open and fold over the 11 1/2 inch side facing up.
You should have a slit (the pink line in the diagram) in the center of the paper.

Keeping the 11 1/2 side folded and cut/slit side up hold your book by the outer edges.
Now press the outer edges in toward the center to create the “pages”.
If you have conditioned your folds, it should fold up easily and naturally.
If not, then you just need to condition the folds.

Fold the book up. Adjust your paper folds if your edges are uneven a bit.
Use a bone folder to make your folds crisp but not so crisp, your book will tear.

If using card stock,  marking and scoring your paper before folding helps.

Your book can be used as is.

If planning out a book BEFORE cutting and folding, note in the diagram the way the text will appear after folding.  For students, lightly marking page numbers with pencil help while working on an folded but uncut sheet. 

You can also apply a thin line of glue the backsides of pages 4 to 5 and 1 to Front Cover to create “pockets” and put secret things in there.
You can also glue the other two pages and have two side pockets and two top loading pockets.

You can also add chipboard (recycle cereal boxes) covers that have been painted, collaged or covered with paper (exotic, scrapbook patterned papers).
Measure your book and add a half inch on the width and height.
Center your book leaving a bit of margin around it on the covers.
Glue your back and front covers onto the inside front and back of your book.

Recycle one sided printed paper to make these books to keep in your pocket/pocketbook on the go.
The printed side should not show if you fold over the paper to hide it.

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  1. THANK YOU!!! just what i need 🙂

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