Resizing Images

Resizing images.  Creating avatars.
Resizing images online for free.
Resizing cards.
How to make images smaller.

First we will address the avatar issue.
On some message boards (even blog services), only images of a smaller size photo can be accepted and then resized on their service automatically when uploaded.
In order to do this, you need to make your original photo smaller so the service will accept it.
First, here is how you can do it alone by yourself using your simple Paint Program that comes as an accessory on your computer.

You can change the size of your photo in your computer accessories paint program.

Avatar images are typically on average sized 100 x 100, 150 x 150,
200 x 200 pixels.

Click on Start –> Accessories –> Paint

Go to File –> Open –> find and open up your picture.

Go to Image –> Stretch/Skew and put in a percentage (less than what you have in the box at present).  You might want to put in 50 in both boxes at first if your image is very large.

Get it down to about 200 x 200.

You can click on Attributes to check the size.

Undo in Edit if it is not the right size and put in lower numbers.

Use a number under 50 to get it smaller. Experiment and Undo to redo.

If it is small enough (approx 200 x 200), when you upload it, it will automatically adjust to the standard size accepted on the site.

Click on and “Save as” and rename your photo as “avatar”.
If you have many avatars, you might want to number them  each.
If you just click “save”, you lose your original picture size so make sure you only “save as” and rename.

Second — if you use Photo Bucket or Picasa, you can create an avatar in your controls in your account by resizing the picture.  They walk you through the process.

Third — there are many free resizing services online that you can create your own avatar using one of your pictures.

Try:  Shrink Pictures or Reduce Photo

Resizing your Cards

If you have cards that you have scanned or off your camera to upload, making them into a smaller file first will help you save on space (if there is limited uploads), allow you to upload MORE into your given allotted space, or even allow your uploads to download faster (for those still on dialup) if they are smaller files.  Smaller files means faster downloads and people not leaving your site after waiting longer than they should.

Follow the directions for creating an avatar in your Paint Program above.

I like to size my cards about 400 x 400. I check the attributes to get them about that size after playing with the Stretch/Skew numbers.
You need to experiment with the numbers and then you will get the idea and it becomes easier.
If using a digital camera picture, you just type in 25 in both stretch/skew boxes.
I also use text on my cards by checking off the A in the menu, then typing in the text (you can choose your font and size under View –> Text Tool Bar).  You can do this to label your images with your blog name/url in case someone decides to use them (or steal them) from your albums — at least you get a free plug.

If you upload into PhotoBucket or Picasa, you can also resize them there and add text also.

“Save As” your image, rename if you wish to keep a copy of the original sized image and have a smaller image.