Envelope Book 1

Quick and Simple Envelope Book

This envelope book is a great gift idea to give someone with messages of inspiration, coupons, or as a send off/appreciation to someone special.
On the front of each envelope, you can add a picture and inside the envelope a note from that person pictured and or a gift card from that person!

Great to make to keep Christmas lists in or write info on index cards, an envelope for each person you need to buy for and keep receipts in.

Materials you will need:
Cereal box (recycle), heavy card stock, or poster board for covers

Envelopes (same uniform size, but any size or number will do, you can recycle business reply envelopes from junk mail)

Shoe laces, ribbon, fibers, embroidery floss, your choice, for binding

Paper punch




Note: In my pictures, I have marked the envelope/cover margins for a visual guide.
I am only using three envelopes for demo but you will get the general idea for construction.

1. Cut your covers to the size of the envelopes.

2. Seal all envelopes and take off 1/4 inch off the right hand side.
This will create an opening to slip notes in.

3. Measure off 1 inch on the left hand side of each envelope and the front and back covers.
Score this line with a bone folder or dead ball point pen on each piece and slightly bend it.
On one of the covers, measure off two dots evenly set apart and evenly from the top and bottom and side of the edges.
Punch holes on the two marks.
Use this piece as a template to line up the holes on the back cover and all envelopes lining up the edges to the cover.

4. Place the bottom cover down and stack the envelopes on top lining up the holes.
Place the cover on top.

5. Using your binding of choice, put each end through the front to the back then cross and put the ends to the front and tie.
An alternative is to use brass fasteners to bind.

6. Important Note: If you are adding notes or asking people to add notes, the size of the paper width wise needs to be short enough to fit into the envelope due to the inch binding side.

Another alternative:
Use staples to bind the envelopes if you are not using to many envelopes.
Glue down with a glue gun that inch margin on the cover front and back to the front envelope and back envelope.

If recycling boxes for covers, use Gesso paint to cover up the printed side.
Paint, cover, decorate the covers — add embellishments.
Cover the envelopes with scrapbooking paper.
Paint the envelopes with watercolor or acrylic paint.
Get fancy and marblize the envelopes.