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16 responses to “Comments

  1. Lisa Schipritt

    Beautiful site…great information…do you live anywhere near RI?????

  2. JML

    Hi Lisa — Thanks for stopping by! I live in southern NH.

  3. muffin3113

    Thanks for offering the give away. Your site is great!

  4. JML

    Thanks Muffin! I hope you can stop by again.

  5. Hi Jean

    Love your blog and all your interesting articles!
    I am a mad scrapbooker and card maker here in Aus!
    You have helped me also when first setting up on wordpress with a few things i was stuck on!
    Great work
    Kerri Smith

  6. JML

    Hi Kerri — Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you found some answers to your questions in my articles. Hope you can stop by again. Good luck!

  7. Jenny

    Jean, I am so grateful you sent the email with your blog address. I stopped in at The Paper Palace and miss everyone. I am going to start scrap-booking because I no longer have any of my dogs living with me. Given that, I will be reading for new storage ideas!

  8. Judith

    What a good job you did with Stamphenge! It’s so well-organized, easy to read, and has mounds of useful information. Thank you! I hope to send it to members of a calligraphy class I’m taking. One of our assignments was to make a book to put samples of our calligraphy in, thus, the relevance of this site.

    By the way, I tried to leave a comment in the “post a comment” section but only got a page error.


    • JML

      Hi Judith,
      Thanks for stopping by and your generous compliments on Stamphenge.
      I also greatly appreciated your kind observation on the error page and fixed it.

      Another idea for the calligraphy class is that they make a junk journal (tutorial) so they can paste their little scribblings or samples, maybe ink colors or nib widths in it.

  9. Hi Jean.. Your site is pure pleasure! And so warm! I landed here, because I am thinking of binding my own sketchbook, and I am so glad I did! You have a wealth of information here! Kudos!

    I would like to write a blog-post about your site, if that’s ok with you. Thank you… And really, Good karma is healthy for everyone who reads this site!

    • JML

      Shalini — Thanks for your lovely comments you left from your visit to Stamphenge.
      I am glad you found information there practical and useful.

      If you would like to write a delightful blog post about Stamphenge, it is ok with me.

      Let me know so I can link back to your article.

  10. Hi Jean.. I posted an entry about your site at
    I am just making my first basic sketchbook, but I think I would be making more sketchbooks of different kinds too! Thank you…

  11. Wow thank you so much I came across your page whilst surfing the net for the accordion booklet instructions and will now keep it in my favourites. Thank you so much for taking the time to update and show all your lovely work and, links and finds. A great page that I shall be recommending to my crafty friends :))

  12. Thank you Jean, for creating a page about the Carol Duvall Show and me! I am still alive, dancing and creating! Very nice site….:-)

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