Envelope Book 2

Envelope Book
Envelope pocket book

You will need two envelopes.
I used two junk mail envelopes  #9 and some glue.
Optional: circle punch 1 inch.
You may want to check the flap and decide if the shapes of recycled envelope flaps matter. You can also use plain new envelopes too.

I am using them as is with the print side up so you can follow along.

Envelope 2 gets the glue.

Seal the envelopes.

Fold each envelope in half.
Snip off a tiny bit off the sides so you now have a tunnel.

Put Envelope 1 aside.  Envelope 1 is the front and back cover.

Take Envelope 2 and snip off about an inch off the left short side.

On the short side, punch a center half punch (1/2 inch or 1 inch) to create a notch or just trace half a quarter, bottle cap, etc, and cut the half circle.

Fold and glue Envelope 2.  Since I am showing the printed side, that would mean I am gluing the front to front. (The next two pictures show the how to, and the last picture is the result of the above instructions.)

Lay Envelope 1  with the print horizontal.
Lay Envelope 2 with the print side vertical matching up the folded side to the bottom of  Envelope 1.

Glue down the backside of folded Envelope 2 to the interior right side of Envelope 1.  You are done!

You should have 4 pockets — two vertical on Envelope 1 and two horizontal on Envelope 2.


You should have a bit of an extension at the top.
You can keep it or cut it off to the height of Envelope 1.
If you wish to add a half punch circle, you can do it double layer or a single layer.

You can create a fifth pocket by only gluing down, and I recommend thin double sided tape like Red Liner, the edges of the folded up side of Envelope 2. (like the two pink side lines on the envelope 1 inch cut and punch picture)

You can create a sixth pocket also by only gluing the back side of Envelope 2 using three strips of Red Liner tape — both sides and the bottom of the envelope.

Create 4 more pockets by adding a third envelope like Envelope 2 on the left interior of Envelope 1.  However, you will have to adjust the center fold to include a spine to hold the bulk.  This could mean, you would need a larger envelope for Envelope 1 and two smaller envelopes for Envelope 2 and 3.

You can add covers or just cover the envelopes with patterned paper BEFORE you begin gluing.
Envelopes can also be painted, stamped or collaged after they are sealed and before you put them together.

Insert tags, notes, gift cards, money to pockets.
If you include the 5th or 6th pocket, that item needs to be narrower since you glued down the edges.

These books can also be used for a book report or a report for class.
The inserts can contain info for the report.