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What is this?
This is a collection of useful tips/ blurbs I wrote over the years for stamping newsletters (LSS and online ventures) and thought it was a fitting idea to put them here as a Stamping FAQ, covering basic questions people usually have on stamping, the internet, card making, tools, storage, and product use.
There is a lot of useful information on these pages.  It is put together so that it is brief and to the point.
I decided on a “magical” name for the pages, so fitting, don’t you think?
I put them in order so you can choose a subject.

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If you have a question or feel one should be added to a page, contact me with your idea to share with hundreds of readers.

To stay on this index page, right click and open a new window.Angel Policies of Stamp Companies – an important read

 ATC 101 — what they are, FAQ, cutting guide and tips.

Basic Stamping Tool Kit — a guide to basic stamping tools.

Basic Card Makers Took Kit — if you are not stamping and only using paper to create cards.

Card Sketches — plenty of card sketches that can inspire you.

Cards and Envelopes — “This is an extremely helpful page for a newb like me! Thanks — Jen A.”

Card Donations – where to send your creations to help sick people or our soldiers.

Cleaning and Care of your Rubber Stamps

Conventions – what are they, what is pin swapping, how do you swap?

Copic Markers – The Basics 101

Inchies, Twinchies, Betwinchies, Rinchies — Definitions, Ideas, Inspirations and much more.

Ink Chart — a comparison guide.

Inks and Embossing – sort out the confusion!

Heat Embossing Tips and Tricks — also the types of embossing powders.

Internet Lingo — broken down into groups of common topics/subjects you would see on a message board, stampers acronyms included.

Internet Lingo — for scrapbookers including products.

Magazines — current and available stamping, card making, paper crafting  magazines.  Also listed are those that are no longer published at the end of the article.

Paper and Cardstock  — types, and how and where to buy.

Rubber Stamp TLC — cleaning and caring for your wood mounted stamps

Storage Ideas – useful info with some recycling ideas

Swapping Basics – the 101 crash course on internet swapping.

Swap Guide — this covers all types of swaps and how they are run, Hostess Gifts, Overcommitments and lots more.

Tag Art — includes a tutorial

Using Clear Acrylic Stamps  — how to’s, inks, paper, and a list of companies

Using Unmounted Stamps – a tutorial with video

Useful Tools Explained – some tools need some “‘splaining” as Lucy was always asked by Ricky.

Water Color Pens — The Basics 101