Triangle Fold Book

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Triangle Origami Fold Book
Triangle Folded Book

Mine is made from one sheet of paper.
Double sided printed paper works very well for this project.
Measure and cut 4 – four inch squares.
Each square shall be numbered 1-4 in your mind.

You can make the book any size you wish as long as you are working with a square shape.
The directions remain the same.

What you need:
piece of copy paper (or the like), scissors, pencil, ruler, recycle cereal box, 24 inches of ribbon, glue stick, double stick tape

Fold each piece of paper as in Step 1:
Diagonally from the lower right corner to the upper left corner, open.
Diagonally from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, open.

Lay the open square flat.

Now fold the horizontal middle (dotted line in Step 1), the bottom edge to the top edge.
Refold the horizontal fold the opposite way.

This should now lay with the horizontal fold popping up a bit on the left and right as in Step 1 picture.

Push the creases to the center to create a folded triangle shape.
You may have to tweak your fold or trim a teeny bit off edges if necessary.

With the folding completed, this is the time to add what you want to your book then refold the pages up.

Lay one folded triangle down (number 1), with the point facing left and the open edge facing right.
Put glue on the top of the triangle. Step 2 shows how you glue pages back to back.
Add number 2 one on top of that and then continue in the same fashion for number 3 and number 4.
When standing it should look like Step 3.

Stand your book up.
Notice in one of the photos, that I have paper clipped (Step 4) the front to the back to give you an idea of how the book can be displayed.

To make the covers:
I used a 4 inch square cut out of a recycled cereal box pictured in Step 5.
I laid the stacked and glued pages and matched up the side and bottom to the upper left of the square.
Then I marked where the bottom ended and drew a line across the card board.
I did the same thing for the top and right edge, drew a line where it ended.
Trim off the rectangles.
Then I drew a diagonal line and cut into two triangles for a front and back cover.
You can also just trace your triangle form, however, I did it this way so I would not make a mistake cutting and the 4 inch square offers a bit of wiggle room.

Taking a 24 inch piece of ribbon, cut in half.
Using double sided tape, tape down a ribbons edge on each of the triangle base (Step 5).

Apply glue stick to the outside page of the front and back of your stack.
Add the covers as in Step 6.
Open and tie the ribbon to keep the book open as in Step 7.

To close the book:
Wrap ribbon around and tie shut as in Step 8.
Or wrap ribbon around and tuck in the ribbon edges under the wrapped ribbon.