Meander Accordion Folded Book

Meander Accordion Folded Book
Meander Maze Book
Maze Book
Origami Accordion Book

This is a 16 page rectangular minibook.  Try using a scrap piece of 8.5 x 11 inch computer paper (even with print on one side) to see how it folds up.
It is good to practice and be precise about your page folds all being even when folded neatly.
You can use 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper also and get a 3 inch square book.

If you use either, only one side of the paper needs to be patterned or stamped as the other side will be hidden by the accordion folds.
Pages 1 and 16 do not need text or pictures if you are making covers.

Basically, you make 6 folds (=16 blocks) and three cuts.
It does not matter which way you hold the paper, the result is the same.


1. Fold in half from top to bottom, and then in half again. Unfold. (=4 panels)

2. Fold in half from side to side, and then in half again. Unfold. (=4 more panels = 16 blocks, each block = 1 page)

3. Now you see the 16 blocks on the diagram, divided by the fold/cut lines. Each of these blocks will be one page of your book.
Remember, if you are going to use covers, page 1 and 16 are blank.

4. The 3 bold horizontal lines on the diagram are your cutting lines. Cut in 3 blocks from the left on top and bottom fold lines, and cut the center fold line 3 blocks in from the right.

5. Vital note: every other row is upside-down (as in the diagram). This is important to know so you can plan which way your art or text will appear after it is cut and accordion folded.
As suggested, a scrap piece of paper can be a prototype with the cuts, folds, and labelling.
If you are starting from scratch and use a blank piece of paper, you can decorate it accordingly. 
Just make sure you know which direction each row or page is going.

6. Start folding page one over two, two over three in accordion fashion (zig zag), page 5 will fold up under page 4 and repeat the folding.

7. Adhere covers that are 1/2 inch larger than your page on the top side of page 1 and the backside of page 16.  Add a ribbon to the back side of the front cover and back cover so that you can tie the book shut.

8. You can  glue  pages 4/5, 8/9, 12/13 back to back OR
Add a glue line to only the open edge to create 3 pockets in your book to add secret surprises.

Alternative: If using a 12 x 12 paper, you can make the book a bit bigger by marking off the paper at the 4 inch and 8 inch marks (=9 squares) on either side, then cutting the paper to the last block in each row so you can turn the corner on the fold.

If you create one, leave your URL link in the box to share.

3 responses to “Meander Accordion Folded Book

  1. Hi Jean,
    What a great info you have on your blog!
    I love your minibooks and made one myself! You can see a video of it
    here on Vimeo.

    Janna Kool

  2. Debbie Mitchell

    made one after much practice! and bound it as a notebook with a stiff cover. I found it easier to ensure my folding was really accurate at the beginning and that the three cuts were perfect. I then stuck the pages as I folded and as a result had a neat mostly squared off little book. It will get better as I make more. Thank you for the template. Debbie Mitchell Portsmouth UK

  3. I used your instructions to make an illustrated alphabet book. Thank you for the inspiration and the kitty gritty details. like Debbie, I had a bit of trouble getting everything perfectly lined up initially. The results are here:

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