Envelope Book 3

Accordion Envelope Book, Envelope Accordion Book
Envelope Book, Envelope Minibook
Envelope Pocket Book or Minibook

Super simple and easy.
I used three junk mail return envelopes the same size and a glue stick.
I did make sure that they all had the same sort of flaps.
You can use any size and you can continue the process to add as many pages as you wish.

Lick  your flap but put it inside the envelope. (Or you can glue it down.)
This makes a nice finished edge and makes the book a bit sturdier.
Fold envelopes in half matching all edges.

Look at the pictures — the top envelope is Envelope 1 (Mountain fold).
The second row are Envelope 2 and Envelope 3 (both Valley folds).

Put glue all over the front of the Envelope 1.
Attach the right hand side of Envelope 2 to the left hand side of Envelope 1.
Attach the left hand side of Envelope 3 to the right hand side of Envelope 1.

Envelope 1 is the connector to Envelope 2 and Envelope 3.
Envelope 1 is now underneath Envelope 2 and Envelope 3.

Accordion fold the envelopes.
You can add covers of card stock or of recycled cereal boxes.
If you are afraid to cut to exact size, then glue down the envelope end pages and trim to size (this might be easier for kids).

An alternate idea —
Seal Envelope 1 as usual.
Snip off the ends to make side pockets.
Assemble as directed.
You should have 4 top pockets and two side interior pockets.
If you choose to do it this way, you cannot add additional pages unless you trim the sides of Envelope 1 or cut the envelope sides at a diaganol.