Accordion Pocket Tag Album

Accordion Pocket Tag Album

Accordion Pocket Album using one piece of 12 x 12 paper.

I have written the directions according to the process shown in the Make and Take since there were no written instructions given out, I wrote them myself with notes attached. Very easy to create.  My son was 6 or 7 when he made this.

Using a double sided patterned or solid colored 12 x 12 piece of heavy weight (card stock) scrapbook paper cut off 4 inches on one side. (can be used for tags or tag base)

Make sure the patterned paper you use has an overall design so that the pockets or the outside of the portfolio does not have upside down writing or design
If you use regular solid color scrapbook card stock like Bazzill, you have nothing to worry about.

Place the 12 inch side down so that the 12 inches runs on the top and bottom and the 8 inch sides are the left and right hand sides.

You will now accordion fold to create four strips.
Fold up the bottom of the paper about 3 inches and score. Use a ruler placed on the marked fold/score line and fold over the ruler to give the crease. Remove the ruler and fold down creating the crease.

Fold in half (12 inch)
Fold the halves in half again by folding the edges toward the center fold, you will have to flip it over to do the second fold.

You should now have four panels with four pockets accordion folded that measures 5 by 3 when folded.

Fold down one edge of a pocket. In Peter’s example, he held his folded edge with a sticker.
Use thin double sticky tape to hold the pocket edges down so things don’t fall out.
You could also use staples.
Staple ribbon or bias/hem tape on, enough that it can be wrapped around the portfolio and shut it.  If you use the staples to keep the edges down, this is a good time to add the closure ribbon.

Add tags (largest size 4 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches) and embellish with fibers.
Tags can have quotes, pictures or journalling.
Tags can be manilla tags or ones made from coordinating scrapbook card stock.
Use fancy corner punches on your tags to give variety and texture.
Add a coin envelope to your tag that contains hidden goodies.

Decorate the outside with embellishments.

You can also adjust any of the sizes to make your pockets bigger or smaller or even alter the  inches shaved off.
For instance, instead of cutting 4 inches off, if you cut only 2 inches, your portfolio will be taller and make your pockets 4 inches, measuring when closed 7 inches by 3 inches.

Another thing I did myself was to use regular heavy scrapbook paper and line the plain side that shows above the pocket with coordinating paper.  Make sure you glue done the edges securely if you do this.

These are easy to make and fun to do, a great project for children giving them a sense of success and accomplishment.