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Free Blogging Platforms — a listing of other alternative services, perks, downsides and other info.
Blogging Graveyard — those sites that went down and fell off the net never to return.

MySpace Scrapbook Layouts  — images and codes for scrapbook image layouts for your MySpace page!

Adding a UBB Message Board Signature Tutorial

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Email Lists and MB Etiquette** – List Moms Approve the sound advice!
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Angel Companies – Stamp Policies

ATC 101 — what they are, FAQ, cutting guide and tips.
Becoming a Stamp Rep — things to think about before taking the plunge.
Swap Guide – many articles here on how swaps work on the internet, types of swaps, and how you can a host one.
Tag Art – basic concepts and ideas.
The StampinGenie — many many articles great for beginners — pages include FAQ articles about basic stamping and cardmaking, storage, paper,  inks, ink chart, using UMs, using/care of clear stamps, etc.
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Carol Duvall Show  – chart with show number, guest, and minibook they made
Chap Books – great for teachers — make with your students
Envelope Tutorial for an odd sized card
Explosion Box/Etui Box/Scrapbook in a Box
Minibooks – a page of tutorial links

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