One Sheet of Paper Minibook

One piece of paper folded book.
One sheet of card stock or paper folded photo album.
One page mini-book or mini-album to hold photos.

Very simple and easy to do.
Fold twice, cut once, three folds later, you have a closed book.

Try it with a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 computer paper.
The text is oriented the direction it will show in your book.
You can copy it onto your paper so you know which way it will work.

The concept can be applied to any sized paper or card stock.

Fold paper in half one way and in half the other way to create 4 sections.

Cut as indicated on the diagram by the — dotted — line.

Follow the folding instructions on the diagram.

You can add ribbon with double stick tape where the — lilac — lines are on the sides of pages 1 and 2. To hide the ends of the ribbon, glue paper or a photo over the ends.

Create pockets with tags on page/s.  Pockets can be scraps of patterned paper or recycled envelopes cut to fit a page oriented either way.

A book sleeve/ envelope would work well also and can be decorated to match the book.

Can be used in a lapbook in a pocket or glue down the backside of 4 so it it opens up within the lapbook.

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