About Stamphenge —
Stamphenge has been on the net since 1998-1999.
It first started at MSN and due to page restrictions added pages with features unavailable at MSN to the site at IVillage.  IVillage  discontinued their sites, and so I moved the pages to Third Age and PageRealm.

As of late January 2008 — Third Age shut down their homepages.  The old pages remained up till August 5, 2008 and I was unable to edit them.  They are now history.

Meanwhile to my shock, PageRealm (part of Free Home Pages/FreeHomePages network) and the server it sat on, disappeared (as well as the business, phone, email support) late July 08 without any notification. I discovered this a few days after this happened as I check the site every 10-14 days.

So I decided to give WordPress a whirl since they allowed pages with decent URLs, had no bandwidth limitations, and it seems enough space for me.
Unfortunately, there are limitations to this sort of site versus a website so adjustments have to be made.
A good thing — some articles, you can comment on if you so desire.  Some articles may not have comments opened.  If you have something to say, you can use the Comment area or Contact me privately.

Same info, updated, but a better address, no ads or popups, and a consistant and reliable up time. 
Hopefully we all will be happy!

Just a note — this site is broken down into sections due to the number of articles I have written over the past 12 years. I have included each section at the top navigation bar above the banner.  Each section may or maynot have addtional articles and links.  For instance — the Swap Guide has lots of articles related to swapping on the internet.
You can also do a search on the site to make it easier if you are looking for something specific.

A backup site is being worked on, just in case.

Thanks for your support and feedback.


Five Things About Me
I have been stamping for decades and love to make minibooks!
I have taught stamping techniques, and minibook making.
I am a professional educator with a sideline of writing.
I have lived in New England all my life near the Atlantic Ocean.
I have two school age children and a fabulous husband and two Bichon Frises (#5 and #6).

aka “Kwen”/Queen of Inkland
Authoress of Stamphenge and all articles contained within it’s space.