Altered Board Book

How to Alter a Board Book – an easy approach tutorial

This is a very easy tutorial to follow.

Get a children’s board book to recycle into art. (Yard/garage sale, thrift shop, dollar store).
They come in all shapes and sizes and variety of pages.

Wipe the book down if you need to clean it.  Let it dry completely before working on it.

Sand the pages so that you create a grip for the Gesso paint.

DTP Ink or paint, or add patterned papers to the pages.
(To fill a page with PP, trace the book and cut or measure the pages then cut a PP 1/2 inch smaller on each side to glue into the book.

Add your photo’s or quotes. (stickers, or computer generated)

Do not bulk up your pages inside the book, you will not be able to close it properly and you will weaken the spine.  Add bulky embellishments to the front book cover.

Use ribbons or fibers to close the book.
Punch or drill holes to add ribbon to close.

Additional ideas:
You can tear the glossy pages off the actual board if you don’t want to sand.
A sanding block works great.
Add envelopes or library pockets to add additional items to pull out.
Add a pull out page in the form of an accordion.
Add an explosion page onto an existing page.
Add a flap book on the inside.
Add acetate embellishments with the photos
Use scrapbooking stickers or epoxy stickers on the pages.
Use a Krylon gold leafing pen (or other metallic pen color) to highlight the edges.
Decoupage pages with tissue paper or paper napkins.
You can also use a ribbon with Velcro or snaps to close the book.

This quick book makes a great gift for a quick scrapbook for a special occasion and is cost sensitive for the budget minded.
Easy for a beginner to do.

Tutorial by Jean M. Laverdiere