Adding a UBB Signature

Some message boards let you add a signature to your posts.
Some use regular URL but many use a code called UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board).

To add a basic UBB code to a signature, you need to sign in to your message board account, go to your control panel, then to your signature.
Some signature boxes do have character (including spaces and punctuation) limitations.
Check what the limitation is and create your signature with that limitation in mind (Some people like to add quotes with links or other information.)

If your URL is too long, go to Tinyurl and get a shorter one to put in place of your long one.
If you wish to list more than one link, using Tinyurl for each additional link is a good idea.
Tinyurl links are good forever where as some other services limit the link’s live life.

Add this code with your URL and name into your signature box.
(For more links add more codes.)
Remove the stars and make sure there are no spaces between the brackets and code.

[*url=http://www.whatever your URL]*Name of your link*[*/url] add any description here

A pretend example signature since UBB does not work on this blog editor:

Stamphenge –Visit my blog

Preview your link.  Most message boards allow this. Some let you test the link.  Save your changes.
Go to a post you made and you should see your signature.  You can test the link.
Every time you post, you can allow your signature to show by leaving the signature box checked.  If you don’t want your signature to show, you just un-check the box for that post.  You should find this option under the reply box.

Your signature if you leave the box checked will show up in any post you make on that message board.  This is free publicity for you and your blog/website.  Remember to obey the COC of that mb and don’t spam!

If you un-check the box for no signature, that post will always remain with no signature on it.
If you go back to edit the post, you can enable the signature to show if you change your mind.

You can change/edit your signature anytime you wish by going back to your signature box in your control panel.
Whatever you have previously posted, your signature will be updated promptly on every past post, if there is no glitch.

To change text colors:
Hex color numbers are a 6 letters/numbers or a combo of both.
Don’t forget to put the # in front of the numbers.
Most websafe colors work but there are a few that may not so make sure your signature looks right.

[color=#hex color number/letters] your text here[/color]

Choose your colors off this Hex Chart

To link a picture/banner to a URL:

[*url=your blog/website url*][image= url of the picture][*/url*]

Additional note:  The code given above (remove stars) can be used to link a picture/banner to a site  — some message boards allow this, some don’t(don’t want pages to take too long to load using up bandwidth, looks messy, broken links to images and the dreaded red x or note), so read the TOS/COC.

Make sure if you use images, you have plenty of bandwidth.  If you have lots of posts, that image shows up all the time, and when others click on the thread, your bandwidth is getting eaten up.  No one likes to see the dreaded message or red x box, they look messy and uninviting to potential members who visit.

UBB codes are relatively simple and there are not that many of them.
You can search Google or Ask for UBB codes or emoticons to learn more about them.


(originally posted at Scribbles at Shoutpost (defunct) 1.3.07)