Bookmarklets Books

These are little skinny mini books you can make up and use as a bookmark but also, you can write in them some notes as you read.
The pages can also be separated and act like individual book marks over many pages.

Very fast and easy.

Mark a piece of white paper on the 8 1/2 inches side at 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches for the pages.

You should have four page strips  plus a 1/2 inch strip leftover.

Fold the paper in half the 11 inch side so the strips are 5 1/2 inches long.
You will now have 16 pages for your Bookmarklet.

Open the paper up and cut the strips by hand or use a paper cutter/trimmer.

Stack the strips folds together to make a booklet.

Create a cover for the booklet that is 11 inches by 2 inches.

Fold the cover over the stack of strips.

Tip: You can add more page strips if you wish but remember you don’t want the booklet to be too bulky if using as a bookmarklet.

Covers . . .
1. regular colored/textured card stock.
2. printed papers.
3. double sided cardstock.
4. specialty papers ( The light one with fiber binding is a pinkish mulberry paper.)
5. watercolor paper that have been painted.
6. decorative paper bags
7. plain brown paper bags (you can even make pages out of this).
8. construction paper (great for younger students).

Add a strip of acetate (stamp on it) or vellum over the cover.

More on covers . . .
1. stamp them up
2. collage them

Bind . . .
1. by punching two small holes through all sheets on the fold and using ribbon or fibers.
2. use a twist tie from the trash bags through the two holes.
3. use dental floss, carpet thread, embroidery floss through the two holes and tie tight but with a bit of slack for easy page turning, you can tie fibers onto this to make a tail.
4. use a long arm staple and staple on the fold.
5. punch one hole through all papers (NOT on the fold. Use one for a template for the others.) and covers and add fibers throught the hole (double up the fibers, pull the loop through the hole then pull the end fibers through the loop, and tighten)