Prismacolor vs Copic Markers

Copic Markers and Prismacolor Markers comparison, differences.
Prismacolor markers or Copic Markers
Prismacolor markers  feature an advanced dye-based alcohol ink formulation that ensures rich color saturation and coverage, and smooth, silky ink flow. They are less expensive and more affordable but do have an odor to them (common complaint, described as “stinky” by many).
When you color with them, and overlap lines, you can sometimes see the overlap.
They have 156 colors as of this writing and can be bought in sets or individually.  There is not a brush nib. Nibs cannot be removed nor can the pens be refilled, you would need to buy a new pen when the ink runs dry.

Copic Markers are alcohol ink based and considered artist quality and are considerably more expen$ive.
They are more than twice the amount of colors in Copics Markers.

Markers 214 colors
Ciao 180 colors (least expensive of the three)
Sketch 346 colors (holds more ink than Ciao)
Wide 36 colors

They are refillable plus you can mix your own colors.
Nibs can be replaced.
You can also air brush with Copics (Sketch)
There is little odor to Copic markers and they dry fast.

You can not see coloring lines using copics.
They come in several styles with marker brushes or points.
Overall they (markers) are more expensive but the Ciaos and Sketches are a bit less expensive than the markers.

Also, people have mentioned that that they have a preference over which style (Copic) is easier to hold because the barrels are all styled differently.
Sketch markers are oval shaped with info on the cap end, Ciao markers do not have this.
Sketch markers oval like shape prevent them from rolling off the surface you are working on.

Alternatives to Copics:  Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens or NeoPiko, either can be bought in sets or individually.

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