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Accordion/Concertina Books

Accordion Pocket with Tags — one sheet of 12 x 12 paper. — extremely easy!

Accordion Fold Mini-Album — pdf file, instructions by Donna Bobbie. The instructions show the five page overlays of the origami flower fold in color, which helps with construction.

Altered Board Book

Altered Board Book –great for a beginner with only a few simple tools to get started. (Video and text tutorial)


Bookmarklets — tall skinny book mark notebooks for jotting down the important details.  Fast and easy.

Chap Book (aka Pamphlet Book)

Chap Books Tutorial — Easy, fast and quick.

Circle Squash Book

Circle Squash Book — with video tutorial

Envelope Books

Envelope Book 1 — fast and simple — recycle a cereal box and envelopes.

Envelope Book 2 — Make a quick pocket envelope book with 2 junk mail envelopes.

Envelope Book 3 — Six pockets, accordion fold.

Explosion Boxes

 Explosion, Exploding, Etui Boxes, Scrapbook in a Box

Junk Journal, Junque Journal,
(aka Smash Book, Smash Journal)

Junk Journal — go green — use recyclable materials, super easy.

Library Pocket Books

A Cherry On Top – library pockets in a matchbook type album — easy.

Kerri’s Library Pocket Mini Album — huge scans, may take a while to download if you do not have high speed internet.

Scrapbook Crazy — many other tutorials here also.

One Sheet of Paper

One Piece of Paper Book — create a 16 page maze/meander book by clever cutting one sheet of paper.

One Piece of Paper Book — Cut and fold to make a 6 page book out of any sized paper. Pictures and diagrams, other ideas of use. Great insert for a lapbook.

One Piece of Paper Book — sometimes called an origami fold book or a zine.

One sheet book — at SpeechTX, nice easy diagram.

Origami Books

Folding photo Album — or a squash book — nice photo layout and great instructions. PDF file

Liz Plummer’s Concentina Book but really a squash book made with the origami flower fold.

Diamond Fold Book — great picture tutorial

Pamphlet Books

Pamphlet Book aka Chap Book Tutorial

Post It Notebook

Post It Notebook

Ribbon Binding

Ribbon Binding — a pictorial tutorial and text, written with beginners in mind.

Star Books

Patriotic Triple Star Book by Arlene Stump

Tunnel Books

Tunnel Book — create a 3D scene, nice diagrams. pdf file


Video Tutorialsnew page — Great for those who have the need for visual cues.

The Paper Mechanic


Books on Bookmaking — my Amazon booklist

Dog Eared Magazine  – do not know what happened to them!

Carol Duvall Bookmaking Projects

Here is a list (click on above title) and chart I created of shows Carol had guests on creating a variety of mini-books of some shape or form. The list is done in numerical order of the shows over the years. Some book instructions you will find are accordion, coin books, books in containers, tag books, altered books, and more.

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