Techniques 2

Techniques Swap 2

This swap is easy to do for participants unlike the Techniques 1 swap I described. 
The person who works the hardest is the hostess.
The hostess should be technologically brilliant to carry this off.

It takes a short time for this swap to open and close.
Participants may be limited or there may be many.  It depends on how much time the hostess is willing to put in.

An announcement is made that there will be a techniques swap.
Each participant creates an item, scans it, creates an original tutorial, using their own words, with the scanned item then sends a finished page (document) through email to the hostess.

Copyright violations (using other people’s work) will not be tolerated, all participants must be original in their creation and directions.

The hostess starts a file on her computer and adds each technique as it comes in.
Sometimes the technique is filed accordingly by type, or product use.
The hostess spend much time organizing the documents received.

When all the techniques are collected, one of two things happen.

1. The hostess emails the completed swap file of all tutorials to all participants.  They save the file on their puters.

2. The hostess burns all files onto a CD and then sends the CD out to the participants by mail.
This would involve the participants sending a set amount of money by a certain date to the hostess to cover cost of CDs and cost of postage and envelopes for the return swap.
If the amount of money is not received by the swapper, the swapper gets nothing in return till the money is paid to the hostess.

It is asked and is imperative, that participants use the info in the swap for personal use only and not share files or the completed CD with anyone through email, or via a message board or website/blog or published for profit/commercial purposes.

I have seen/participated in the CD swap more often than the email swap for various “security reasons”.
Also, a CD has the info on it and if your puter crashes, you don’t lose the swap file.

1. In one group, one gal with a website asked to publish all the techniques on her website giving proper credit due.
There were 110 participants in the swap and the majority of participants said no.

2. In another group of 90 participants, one gal decided to go ahead with publishing all materials without any-one’s permission. 
When people found out about what she had done, there was outrage and she was forced to take it all down.

Keep in mind, a swap like this, the info you get, is for personal use only, not to be shared with others on public or private platforms.