Signing Your Work

I posted this idea in another community a few years ago.  It is not only good for tag art or trading cards, but also for the back of cards or other work.
 **Value yourself, and your time.  Always sign your work.**  Hope it helps you.

I just thought I would pass on a tip to you all so you don’t have to slave over writing out your name and email all the time repeatedly to identify your work. (so time consuming and often tiring requiring a kip after the repetitious endeavor!!)

Frugal Person’s Guide to Tag Art Identification:
Signing Your Louvre Quality Masterpieces

Go to your word program and select under format, “columns”. Choose “3”. Type in your name and email with a small font, and do about 5 or so and then copy and paste those 5 till you have a column. Highlight the entire column and “center” it. You may want to try and print one potential sample out just to make sure for size sake it is exactly what you want. (Hold it up to your tag for a “size test”)

Then copy column 1 and paste to columns 2 and 3.  Now all you have to do is print on regular paper and cut them out.  I only count/cut out how many I need at a time and store the rest till next use/need. (If you cut them all out at one time then store them, and at some point you spill them, they are hard to pick up! Hence, cut and use only what you need right away.)

I lay out 5 tags/cards at a time, face down, and then put the glue stick to the bottom and then glue on the name/email label. (With permission, if someone does not sign their work in a swap I am hostess of, I use this method of art work identification for proper and deserving artistic credit.)

You can always run your sheet through your Xyron Machine to make a sticky sheet of names and you would not need to glue.

If you do it this way, you $ave bundle$ on those tiny label$.  This means you can buy more tags or fibers!! LOL

Hope this helps some one out who gets hand cramps from all of that writing which can seem like endless punishment at times!!
Jean Laverdiere
who steps down off the soapbox

(This article originally appeared at DRS- Delphi Rubber Stampers but was shared with a few other groups I was in, which sad to say, are now gone by the wayside.)


One response to “Signing Your Work

  1. This is a really good idea! I would have never thought of making little labels. However, I had a custom stamp made. I love it! It has a little image, “Made with love by Christi”, and my website. It wasn’t very expensive either, about $10-15 if I remember correctly. And unlike labels, it’ll never run out. Just another idea for everyone.

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