ShoeBox Party Swap

A party sort of swap/event is done at a set location, usually a day event and runs several hours.
The larger the party, the more space you will need so you might have to rent out a space and charge an admission to cover the rental.

Determine the number of participants and have a cut off date.
Only those who have signed up may attend.

Each participant shares the card they will demo to the other participants to the hostess.
She can use the cards on a demo board with a number next to it.
A sheet of projects is provided and participants can check off what they have completed so they get one of everything offered.

Each participant puts all the ingredients (precut cardstock, embellishments, etc) to make the card into a Ziplock bag as a kit.  One for each participant.
Written instructions (with their number in the upper left corner showing) should be provided also in each bag.
In some cases, all the stamping is pre-done by the participant.
All bags  go into a shoe box by a participant with any other materials used on the card (include stamps if not prestamped).
Participants should have their materials to loan labeled as well as their box labelled with their number.
If you are allowing stamping with your kit, you will need to bring extra cut paper incase of a mistake.
Particpants may want to bring their own stamping tool box also.

The party can work several ways:
1. People can move from table to table.  So table one does cards 1-4 and table two does cards 5-8, etc. depends on number of participants or how you
wish to arrange the tables.  When a card is completed, the participant moves to the next table.
2. People are assigned a table and then stay at the table exchanging boxes between tables till all cards have been made by all table members. Tables trade off/rotate finished boxes to another table.
3. Each participant shows and tells a card and everyone makes that one card at once then moves on to the next.  This allows questions if new techniques are used.
In 1 2, and 3, this allows people to help other people if they are stuck.
4.. Boxes are set up in a collection area and you go to the boxes and take your kit, sit down and make it.

The Shoebox Swap/Party can also be just a meeting, and people just collect the kits and bring them home and make them.

You put the completed cards in the box you came to the Shoebox Party with.
You leave with as many cards as you came with kits, unless someone does not show up, you may have kits leftover, and you may be short a card or two.