Scavenger Swaps
This is a simple seek and collect swap and an instant one shot sending deal to a secret someone who is participating also.
You are given a list of items that you collect or make.
Sometimes these items are given out over a span of time or as a list. Span of time could be a few weeks, a list is a one shot deal, over and done with.
Sometimes these items are given as riddles you need to figure out and then collect.
You put the items together.
You then receive a name/address (another participant) who you send the box off to by a specified date.
Now, you might think this sounds so silly, you collect items but you receive the same items back.  Not necessarily.  Everyone interprets the items differently or has access to different items within a category.
This swap can be done any time.
Sometimes it is done instead of a Secret Sister Swap when they are on hiatus or around a holiday.
I have done Scavengers around Christmas and Easter.
I did a few that involved the 12 Days of Christmas theme.
1. One mounted stamp or 3 UMs (participants need to state which they use)
2. Two treats
3. Three  different Cards
4. Four pieces of  exotic paper sized 1/2 sheet
5. Five yards of ribbon or yarn: one yard of 5 types
6  Six sheets of designer paper or background paper (hand done preferred) half sheets, full sheets count as 2.
7  Seven decorated postcards any theme
8  Eight mail art envelopes
9  Nine handmade paper beads
10. Ten stamped images (no coloring just stamped on 1/4 white white, medium sized or large sized)
11. Eleven faux postage images stamped
12 Twelve Charms and or buttons
Other items included postage stamps, tags: decorated or plain, wrapping paper, basic beads, tea, card instructions, shrink plastic, jewelry, magnets, etc, you get the picture.  You can combine anything or set a money amount on how much it would cost each person overall before making out your list.
Another one I did was around Christmas and an Easter one was basically the same set up.
Six items
1. One stamped sheet of tissue
2. A Cat’s Eye Pad in a holiday color
3. A hand made stamped ornament
4. A hand made stamped magnet
5. A handmade card
6. A stamp of any theme.
In a few of these types, I recall sending candy, Christmas carol words decorated, and a hot drink.
Have fun.