Resolving Overcommitments

Subject: Resolving Overcommittments: sound safe advice dispensed freely by the Queen of Inkland who is wearing her **thinking crown** LOL.

NOTE: The word, **gasp**   **”commitment”**  **gasp** (a sometimes feared word) appears frequently in various parts of speech in this brief but educational essay.

Many new swappers (as well as some old pro’s) go through the process of addictive overcommitting and are completely overwhelmed and get burned out easily; you just want to do everything but you can’t because you do have a life of other things to do, like eat, sleep, breathe, and shop, cook, clean, and laugh!!  LOL

Gentle advice/guidelines and possible remedies for addictive commit-o-holics:

1. Print out a copy of all swap details and keep in a folder or notebook with hostesses email/snail mail.  Keep these in commitment date order and as you finish each one, place in another DONE folder.  Keep track of mailings/postage on your copy or any communication dates/motes. This is good to have if your puter crashes. You can also make notes of your design or stamp the stamps that you used for the swap project on the copy page too. A calendar is great to keep in the notebook also so you can check at a glance what other events are coming up.

2. Finish one commitment at a time, what is due first to what is due last.

3. Do not commit yourself to any more during this “finish up” time.

4. Then after finishing all of the present commitments, take a break and do a few things for yourself or some friends. Rethink your time and when you are ready, be careful to committing again to prevent overcommitting overwhelmness.

5. When you see something you would like to participate in, make it up first, and when it is all completed, sign up for the swap and mail it out right away.  You avoid the deadline problem doing this so you are less likely to suffer from shot, shattered, and stressed out nerves, nightmares, or even guilt.

6.  If you have a problem with the swap commitment, please have the civility/honor/respect/courtesy to email the hostess and tell her!!!  If you have to drop, tell her as soon as you know it is not possible for you to commit to that swap.  Other swappers are depending on YOU to be responsible to your swap commitment.  Most hostesses like to be prompt keeping their swappers happy. Sometimes there are “glitches” as we all know so well, however, keeping a group informed keeps them out of the darkness of wonderment and the swap progresses in a natural fashion.

Some people prefer to do RAKs rather than swaps.  Some may take a swap theme, make up the items then send them out as RAKs. (Random Acts of Kindness to fellow community members or friends in need of spontaneous cheering.)

Another idea is when you see a swap you would like to participate in but can’t, just stamp/(cut/color are optional at this time) some theme images and keep them in a file box for the “next time around”.  Then all you have to do is put your swap item together.

If you are on a digest form, highlight/copy the swap you are interested in click compose then paste, then send it to yourself keeping the swap title and due date in the subject line.  Of course, print a copy of it for your files if you dare commit.

I hope this helps the suffering plighted people out who seem a bit lost, confused, overwhelmed, or forlornness from the dreaded symptoms of energy depriving (whether physical or mental) overcommitment.

Jean/Queen of Inkland
PhD in self-amusement from the University of Life

(This article originally appeared on DRS – Delphi Rubber Stampers)


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