Pattern Template

Pattern or Template Swap
This is a fast swap to do and very easy but you must be organized.
The postage cost: mail back Priority or Media Mail.
Sign up cut off date to participate. Email number of copies to be made and mailed to you.
The final due date you need to receive them by. (Two weeks after cutoff/deadline is good)
This swap should be for personal use only and not to be put up on any website.  This needs to be clearly stated.
Names and email addresses on the contributor’s page in case there are questions or noted mistakes that need mending.
Have sign ups but each person must decide what they will send you to avoid duplications. Keep other members informed as to what they can expect.
All instructions or diagrams should be done by participants to avoid copyright infringements.
NO PORTIONs of magazines, pamphlets, shop instructions, website content, or copyrighted books should be in this swap. This is why participants should write instructions and draw their own diagrams.
All work should be neat with easy to read instructions. Use your puter to type out instructions or paste them up on the sheet.
Have a sign up cut off/deadline.  At the end of the deadline email out the number of copies each person needs to make of their chosen pattern or instructions.  Email them at the same time, participants what they are contributing.  This list can be sent in the email or as an attachment and is the content of the swap tehy can print out.
They send you the copies x the number of players.
You swap them out and mail back Priority Mail.
Your swap time will be determined by the amount of players and how many pages were sent per template or instructions.
Inspirations can be found in the simplest things like the freebie boxes you get at the hotel to fry boxes at MacDonalds, or a medicine box or a gift certificate envelope you got for Christmas last year. Look around and you will find something to use.
Tip: if you have 20 or 30 players, it is best to swap out 10 pages at a time and put them into the envelopes after each 10 are done.  This way you can check for mistakes easier.
Costs to players:
Cost of copying their instructions
Priority return postage or on the cheaper side, media mail but more of a chance of it getting lost or destroyed.
Extra charges: if you choose to bind them however, most people like the loose pages to organize in their own way.
Players tell you how many pages they will send.  You figure out copy price, players send in the money (money order for printing and return postage costs), and you get them all copied and collated at the same time.  This saves them money too for an original sending since it will only cost them a first class stamp. However, it may take up more of your time.
Some people have done this for only the cost of sending a page then the return postage as the hostess had access to a copy machine and paper!!  Lucky!
If you wish to host a swap like this, these guidelines can be used as long as you send the URL to all participants and NOT copy and paste this onto a personal email.
Otherwise, please write up your own swap details.