OTC — Oriental Trading Company

This is a great company and usually you buy items in bulk.

However, you may have too many items and wish to trade some of yours with others who are feeling the same way.

There is a hostess who is in charge of making the category lists.  Sometimes the swappers will request a category.

The category lists include the name of the items to be swapped out. (EX: Brads, clips, eyelets, etc)

You put down what you want to trade and the value (what you paid), and in some cases, what you like to receive.

Now you are in a group.  The group number is usually limited to x amount of players depending on the community and hostess and how much work she is willing to do for the swap.

All items are mailed to the hostess with a return SASE and she divides them up keeping the value in mind, according to the group that wants those items or the group that are in the item category.
She mails the swap back to the players who receive other things off the category list or the same things but not theirs (depends on how the swap is run).

Basically, this is an organized PIF swap or an organized Trash to Treasure swap where the hostess divides up the goods and mails them out.