One on One

One on One swaps

These are determined by two people who negotiate what they will send/how many to one another by a set date.

These are easy to do and all you need to do is find someone willing to do it with.

Often times, people will do this for something special like a birthday, anniversary, illness, etc and mail one item back for every item received.

I had a one on one Christmas card swap for my MIL.

For every card sent to me, I sent one back to the person who sent it.

If someone signed up and said they were sending but I did not get a card from them as “proof” which included their address, they obviously did not get one from me. How could they? I did not have their address to mail back not receiving one in the first place.

I ended up making 50 cards and mailing them out first cla$$.

Suggestion: If you are doing this for one person, decide on a limit. Something I forgot to do. LOL

Lucky MIL.