Mystery Art

Mystery Art Element Creation Swap

This actually is a creative challenge, use your imagination type of swap.

You do not make anything at first.

Swap participants send their name to the hostess by a certain date. Usually a swap list is not posted because, it is a mystery swap.

You mail out 5 items (more or less and specified) to the hostess in a sealed padded blank envelope with your return address and proper postage affixed to mail out anywhere in the USA. Make sure you enclose a return envelope inside your padded envelope. Place this inside another envelope (which is the outer envie) that has the swap hostesses address on it. Mail it to her.

When all art items packages arrive, the hostess takes the names of participants and matches them up for an even exchange.
This can also be done where #1 sends to #2 etc. Round Robin style.

The swap hostess does NOT open any of the padded envelopes, she just addresses them and sends them out.

Each participant who receives a package, uses those items in the package to create a work of art (of any kind) by a set date.

Participants may use other items in their project but the 5 items sent to them MUST be used.

At the set date, mystery packages are mailed back to the original owner of the 5 items sent to see how their items were used creatively and incorporated into a project.

Swappers are responsible for 3 postage rates: to the hostess, blank padded envie that goes to the swapper, and their return envie. (Again, if done Round Robin, no need to send out to the hostess)

Usual posting requirements to the group when envie is received, and also a scan to go into the files to share with other members. The hostess watches the board/messages to keep track of the swap since it is a mystery who has whose package of elements to do the creating.