Mounted Stamps

Mounted Stamp Swaps
Do you want to trade regular wood mounted stamps?
This type of swap is similar to the UM swap but the postage on mailing is much more complex.  This needs to be thought out carefully. This can be a very expensive swap postage wise.
Sometimes, all the stamps are mailed to one person who mails out the boxes to the participants.  The participants pick and choose what they want but there is no guarantee, the last person has to take what ever is left and of course, as the box gets depleted, it will cost less and less to mail to the remaining people on the list.
An easier way to trade mount-eds is with a photo album and a scanner.
First you need a list of participants and create a group email for all of them.  Messages should be sent so everyone sees all emails so the dealing can go on.  A time limit for trading (a few hours or a few days at least) is set up. Weekends are good to do this on if people are home.  You will need to ask participants and agree upon a set time.
People scan their trades and place in an album.
When all scans have been placed, the email bidding begins so everyone knows what is taken and what is left.  Scans should be removed or a banner of “taken” be placed on an image that no longer is available.
Postage is paid by everyone to send to everyone else.  You can send the cheapest rate on this one but insurance is a good idea.