A mingle involves single images or stamped items. These are very simple one on one swaps.

Card Mingles can be done for special occasions (Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter etc). They involve sending a card to a designated other person. This too can be run like a Secret Sister swap but sometimes people know who they are sending to.

EX: Jingle Mingles, Kris Kringle Mingles are names for Christmas Mingles.

Names are distributed by the organizer or are on a list of swappers with names and addresses.

On a list you either mail to the person whose name is below yours. The last person on the list mails to the top name on the list.

Or the person whose name is above yours. The first person on the list mails to the last person on the list.

In some cases, again, a Mingle can also require something else to be sent in addition to the card.

There are other types of Mingles also involving more than one item.

Image Mingles
A image is picked by the hostess. She then mails out several stamped images to each participant to create a project using that image. Projects are mailed back to her. She then swaps them out and sends out back to participants.

Hostess usually sends out 4-6 images and requires that 4 items be sent back to her. The extra 2 are used if you make a mistake if not you can keep the extra 2 images.

Typically, the hostess limits the number of players in this sort of swap as she usually has to pay to mail out the images in the first place costing her cs, envelope, and postage out.

When the Minglers send back the projects, they include a SASE to have projects created by others sent to them.

Multi-image Mingle
This is one where you use your scraps up. It is also good for those who do not have lots of images or catalog deprived.

You are asked to share 20 different images. Stamp all images onto various scrap and or exotic paper. You mark on the back of them in pencil, stamp company and image reference number (if there is one, product number), sometimes type of paper.

Send them to the hostess who sends you back 20 images from other people.

You would need at least 10 people for this sort of swap.

Swap is distributed like a regular swap exchange not one person’s back to another to extend the variety of papers.

I have done this type of swap with artsy images only used in collage and tags.