Mailing Tips

Here is a synopsis (in my own words) of an Ann Landers column which an employee of the USPS Remote Encoding Center dispensed to all the loyal readers. Some of these are good while one may not sit right with us “mail artists” those who decorate envies for “fun”.

Helpful tips addressing mail:

1. Always use the state abbreviation. If you are not sure, check your phone book or call the local PO. Using the wrong abbreviations sends your mail to the wrong destination.

2. Use the full name of the city as the scanners do not recognize abbreviations and sometimes postal workers cannot decode what you intentionally mean. Aso, there could be other destinations within a state that begin with the same letters.

3. Type your envelopes. If not print neatly and legiably block upper case letters.

4. Do not use pre-printed gummed return address labels as an address to an envelope. The print is too small to read.

5. “Don’t draw cute little pictures on the envelope as it makes the address hard to find.” (I am ignoring this one!!! LOL)

6. Always include your return address even on a postcard.

7. Place the return address label in the upper left hand corner of the envelope. Return addresses going along the side of the envelope or in a triangle in the corner of the envelope are hard to read by humans or machines.

8. Be careful when choosing a fancy italic script, choose a script that is easy to read as sometimes some numbers can be indistinguishable. (in reference to invitations: party and wedding response envies)

9. Use your standard zip code plus the 4 extra digits. You can look this up at the USPS website. (A good idea if you are mailing swaps out and expecting them back.)


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