Image Challenge

Image Challenge or OWKA (otherwise known as) a “boomerang swap” ’cause it comes back to you!

Another form of an image mingle is an image mingle challenge. This is a two partner swap and there is a time element of 8-12 weeks involved.

Firm sign up and due dates need to be established. Who ever signs up must follow through on the commitment to create.

A mingle is set up with a hostess asking potential participants to mail her 2 sets of 6 images (2 different images, 6 of each) they can’t seem to get ideas for. Images are stamped in black or stamped and embossed, no coloring, just an image on card stock. They are also asked to include a the same stamped image on a piece of paper with the stamp credits, and participant’s email on the back for record purposes.
All images are sent to her by a certain date.

She then swaps out the images to other participants. Each participant gets 2 sets of 2 separate images, of course not their own.

Participants are required to create 4 different items using different techniques per image. Techniques include product treatments or different folds, or items.

4 images are left over, 2 of each image. Again, these are for mistakes or you can keep them.

Firm due date back to hostess is needed. Participants mail back all items to hostess.

Hostess checks the images to who sent them in, and mails back to original image stamper the 8 items received.


Send out only 3 images of each but each person has 4 sets to complete. This means that a person gets back 4 items of their image but 2 people have made 2 items each. This offers some variety. This can be done if the swap is large and people are committed. The swapper ends up with an extra image to work with in case of mistake or 4 images leftover for keeps. No room for too many mistakes when you do it this way.

Something to think about: Limiting swappers may be a good idea for this. How many items and people does the hostess want to manage?

Requiring Priority return postage a must as some people may do a large item and you will need a box. Other wise, the mailers or envelopes can be used.

Problem: On occasion, sometimes, someone makes a big goof and needs an extra image. The hostess needs to contact the person whose image got botched to get a new one to replace and mail it out.

This is a very fun and different swap. Results can be astounding especially giving new life to a stamp you wondered why you bought it in the first place