Altered Books Round Robin

Altered Book Swap Round Robin Ideas

Hi there Ladies,

There are three ways an altered book swap can be run.
Regardless of any way, a list of participants needs to accompany each shipping (each person ships at their expense (to be decided by group, some do priority, some book rate) to the next person and most of the time, insurance is required).  This list cannot be lost! 

Also, a group email needs to be established and when someone ships or receives, they must notify the entire group. 

Another issue is the time allowed to keep a book before shipping it off to the next person. This is crucial.

Some people say 2-4 weeks, depends.  The more people that you have sign up, the longer it will take your book to come back to you.

1. One person has a book (themed or not), sign ups are taken (decide on how many you want to participate) and an ordered list is made of names, addresses, and phone numbers, then the book is shipped off to the first person on the list, that person sends it to the next person on the list.

2. Same as above but the next person ships it off to the next person they choose from the established list.
Again, email notification is important.

The above two examples may involve lots of time before you get the book.  It could be MONTHS, a year or more than a year.  However, below is a bit faster way to do this.

3. A group can decide to pass on their own book to a group of people.  So each person in the group does a page for the next person.  All books go around and the last person to do your book then mails it to you.

Example: Six people sign up to do six altered books, each one chosen by each individual and may different themes or anything goes.  Here is the list of people in order of sending an receiving.

1. You
2. Jane
3. Mary
4. Susie
5. Sally
6. Millie

Each person sends their book at their expense, to the person below their names.  So you would send to Jane, Jane would send to Mary, Mary to Susie, Susie to Sally and Millie to You.
You would continue doing this UNTIL you get your own book back.
In the above case, Millie would be the last to Alter your book and you would be the last person to alter Jane’s book.

Got it?

However, before jumping into an altered book swap, it may be best for you to FIND a suitable book, and do a bit of altering yourself to it BEFORE you send it out.

This is important. It is BEST if you really look over the book and select what pages can or can’t be altered.  You must include this in your book and every book must have this list unless you don’t have any preference and any page can be altered, glued, or decoupaged, collaged, painted, highlighted, ripped, torn, or whatever.

Keeping the books on schedule! Again, you don’t want one person to get a pile of books at once so you really need to keep within the time limit sending each book out.  Remember, if you have a non-specific theme, each book will be different rather than one single theme that goes around.  A single theme may be easiest and a person can design one page to put into each book.  All this needs to be discussed with the group involved.

Consider the following:
One book?
Several books, one for each swapper?
Participants – trust issues
Postage costs/insurance/packaging (recycle)
A single theme or multiple themes, any theme (anything goes)
Time element to work and send out
**No one is to alter another person’s work**
Commitment to the above

Lost or damaged books (make sure you specify how to pack them up and ship them off)
Untimely participants
Phone calls to participants asking where the book is

Hope these tips help you plan a great swap!