All Plus One

All plus One Swap
Very simple and done with trading cards, tags, or bookmarks. Anything that is quick and easy to produce in a short time.
Hostess posts the swap and defines it is an “all plus one”. 
People sign up by a specific date set by the hostess.
Hostess has the number by that day’s end and tells the group how many swappers have signed up.
Swappers create that many items plus an extra one which is for the hostess.
Swap is mailed to the hostess.  They have a short turn around between announcing and final date due, only a few weeks.
Return is all that has been received but the “plus one” stays with the hostess.
These swaps tend to be large.  There are drop outs.  If this is the case, the hostess notifies the group and tells them how many she actually got and that is how many that will be returned PLUS the difference of their own work.
EX:  25 people sign up.  You need to make 26 items which includes the “plus one”.  20 packages arrive so 5 people did not make it. You receive back 20 items swapped plus 5 of your own back. Use those as RAKs.