Unmounted Stamps

How to use unmounted rubber stamps/rubber dies

What are Unmounteds or UMs, ums?
These are stamps that are just the rubber die image and you use a temporary mount, like acrylic blocks or Evo acrylic Templates. They are cheaper to buy and easier to use on the go and easier to store. You can buy grab bags (best stampin’ buy) and use your extra dies you don’t like to trade with other stampers.
Acrylic blocks with grids making lining up the stamps easier. Pictured below are Fiskars Acrylic Blocks.

How do I cut the rubber?
Kai scissors! They are pricey but worth it. Keep the scissors parallel to the die image edge. Do not tilt the scissors down or up creating a ledge, you want your stamp to stamp properly, a ledge makes you lose some of your image.

How do I attach the rubber to a temporary mount?
There are several ways: If you are using acrylic blocks, you can:
1. use cling vinyl sheets
2. use cling vinyl with a foam pad (my preference)
3. use double stick tape
4. use Aleene’s tack it over and over glue (leave on for 24 hours then use) Items 3 and 4 are the frugal stamper’s way.
Or . . . You can use a magnetic system.
You can use the hook and loop tape system called H.A.L.O.S. (pricey if you are budget minded).

Can I remove rubber dies from my wood mounted stamps?
Yes.  You can gently scrap/pry them off the wood mount using a metal spatula.
Some people zap them in the microwave for 5-10 seconds to loosen the glue then take them off.

How can I store my um stamps?
Some people use acrylic thick CD cases.
Some use page protectors with a sheet of stamped images inside the pages and the image stuck a top that in a 3 ring binder.
Others keep theirs in a box of some sort (pencil box, video storage box) or in envelopes with the image stamped on the outside.
Small draws
Baker’s rack (they are all exposed as they sit on the tray)
Hardware storage draws/bins

You would have to make a decision as to store them by company or by theme.

Here is a pictorial of  a rubber mounts being removed and stored by Gail.

Here are more unmounted storage ideas at BlockHead Stamps.


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