Storage Ideas 2

Stamping, scrapbooking, storage ideas I use.
Some storage I bought new but most of it I recycled, or got at yard sales, or thrift shops for pennies.

I have the 12 x 12 draws and some 12 x 12 art bins for paper.
Regular/standard cardstock I keep in magazine holders by color.

I put some of my embellishments in beading supply storage containers I got at JoAnne’s.
These are small containers that are put into a larger container so they all stay together.
I also use the twistie stackable round types too.

Colored pencils and markers in pencil boxes.

Ribbons in glass jars and spools on a multi-slack hanger.
What I don’t store this way, gets put into a clear storage bin.
All my fibers are in a clear storage bin.
I did try spooled ribbons on a paper towel holder also but I use that if I am doing a project and take out the ribbons I am using and putting them on that.

Ink pads in a cassette tape holder.
Re-inkers in a little crate box — lined with tin foil for accidental explosions.  Plastic containers would work also.

Cat’s Eye or cubed inkpads in a pencil box.  I put an elastic around each one to keep them from losing their covers and they don’t bang into each one.

Scissors in an old silverware dishwasher rack or silverware caddy.
The Pampered Chef had a tiered carousel that works well on the counter top or your work station, you can find these at yard sales or consignment/thrift shops now.

Stamps in Iris Carts sorted according to theme/type/holiday.

Smaller stamps are in floss containers.

Paints, clear stamps, Cuttlebug folders in photo boxes.

EPs and glitter in smaller covered storage boxes or baby wipe containers.

Punches in a clear box.

Tapes on a coffee mug tree.

Sketches and swap technique pages, inventory sheets, in a binders with plastic sleeves.

Templates — small brass ones in a sleeve mini-photo album.
I did have my regular sized templates in a binder but it soon got overwhelming so I use a scrapbook storage box  now.

Spare top loading scrapbook holds my stickers and rub-ons.