Internet Lingo

Basic Chat or Message Board Lingo

For the beginner . . .


dh, ds, dd = all the dears or dearests: husband, son, daughter. Add an s in there for “step”.
mil, fil, dil, sil = all the inlaws: mother, father, daughter, son
so or s/o = significant other
bf or b/f = boyfriend, sometimes also used as “best friend”
SAHM = stay at home mom
WAHM = work at home mom
IJ = internet junkie
SIJ = stamping/scrapping internet junkie (yes, we are talking about you reading this! ha!)

Message Boards = mb or MB lingo

TOTD = topic of the day
TOTW = topic/tip/technique of the week
DOTW = discussion of the week
QOTW = question of the week (sometimes D instead of W for day)
NSR = not stamping or subject related
TOT = totally off topic (if list is subject specific)
TAN = tangent, off topic of board subject
more (inside a thread topic/subject line)
nt or N/T = nothing
NFM = no further message, message all contained in the subject line
ISO = In Search Of (when you are looking for something, link, stamp, vendor, person)
Help! = a qualifier if you need immediate help then explain it (ex: Help! Shrink Plastic)
FAQ = frequently asked questions (usually a guide sheet to help you navigate)
FYI or 411 = for your information

The “thanks”

HTH = hope this/that helps
TFL = thanks for looking
TFS = thanks for sharing
TFTT = thanks for the tip
TY = thank you
TYVM = thank you very much
TIA = thanks in advance (for when someone says they will email you something)

Chat Talk

WB = welcome back (if you have gotten disconnected and have to reboot)
BRB = be right back (when you leave the keyboard and screen for a minute)
b4 = before
CYA = see ya
CYAL =see ya later
CYe = check your email
KWIM = know what I mean

Internet laughing and grinning

LOL = laugh out loud
LMBO = laughing my butt/bottom off
ROTFL = roll on the floor laughing
ROTFLMBO = roll on the floor laughing my butt/bottom off (sometimes “A” is used instead of B)
ROTFLMBOPIMP = same as above only you have added “p*aing or p*ss*ng in my pants”
<G> *G*, *U* = grin
<BG> = big grin
<VBG> = very big grin
<EV> = evil grin
j/k = joking or joke

Stamping Terminology

ATC = artist trading card, measures 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches and are traded. (Examples)
ACEO = art cards editions and originals — ATCs for sale.
Art2 = Art squared, any art form on a square, 4 x 4 is common. (Examples)
CASE = Copy and Share Experiements, Copy Another Scrapper/Stamper’s Efforts
CDS = Carol Duvall Shoe (was on HGTV but not any more)
DTP/dtp = direct to paper (smearing the ink onto cs to cover it then overstamping)
Envie = envelope
EP = embossing powder
MM = Marvy Metallics, Marvy Markers, or Magic Mesh (use context)
MMM/3M = Monday Morning Mailer, Monday Morning Madness, 1/1 exchange with assigned partners.
PEx = PearEx
PP = Powdered Pearls
FD = Fairy Dust
RP = Radiant Pearls
cs/CS = Card stock
UM/um = unmounteds (rubber dies)
K-PAD = Kaleidacolor Pad
LSS = Local stamping/scrapbook store/shop
PC = post card
PPA = Perfect Paper Adhesive (a white liquid glue)
S2MB2U = swap talk for postage mailing amount: same to me back to you
SS = secret sister or secret swap, secret Santa add another s and it becomes “secret stamper sister”
UTEE = Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel — chunky EP that becomes a thick resin when heated then cooled.
RAK =Random Act of Kindness (read more about this)
DAK = Diliberate Act of Kindness (read more about this)