Home Made Glue Dots

Homemade Glue Dots

Tired of the expense of buying glue dots?
Here is an easy way to make them with a little time and effort. 
Read the instructions carefully before you begin as options are included.

Glues you can use:
Aleene’s Tack It Over and Over
Aleene’s Repositionable Glue
The Best Glue Ever

Your old glue dots paper so you can roll them up and store them like the original
Postage stamp sheets or the strips from the Priority Boxes
Sticker sheet backings — the shiny side where the stickers were peeled off.
Label sheet backings — from computer labels or from your own ordered or freebie address labels.
Wax paper

Using a sheet or strip mentioned above, squeeze out the glue gently to make a dot.
You can vary your dot sizes, small, medium, large.
Lay them out like you were baking cookies.
Allow your dots to dry and don’t forget about them. 
Drying time will vary depending on your temperature and humidity.
If you wish to make them flatter, after a couple of hours, place another sheet (or wax paper) over your dots and gently smoosh them down lightly to become flat.
The dots should be a bit tacky to the touch.

Another storage idea:
If you dots are on a strip of paper, roll up and store in a clean deli container (coleslaw, potato salad containers), Glad or Ziplock container.

Depending on your area, dots can dry out (in other words, expire) and become hard and useless.
If you are planning on creating things, have a list of to dos, create your dots a day or two prior to your scheduled project time so they remain fresh and useful.
I like to start them the night before around 7 pm, flatten them at around 9 pm, then allow them to dry a bit more till 11 pm.  Sometimes I let them continue to dry overnight.
The next day, I am ready to start my projects.