Cleaning Rubber Stamps

Cleaning and caring for your mounted rubber stamps.
How to get rid of stains on rubber stamps.
Rubber Stamp TLC – Tender Loving Care
Care and cleaning of acrylic/clear stamps.

I am a regular stamper and use the Tim Holtz inks with my stamps as well as any dye inks (Memories, Vivid, Ancient Pages) which I prefer over pigment ink.
The dye inks are on harder raised pads so only the lines of the stamps get inked.

If you press too hard on a soft spongy pigment ink pad, then you get a mess because the ink oozes  and is in all the crevices of the stamp.
Clean this mess up with a soft toothbrush.
Pigment ink cleans up nicely with just water after you stamp your image.

Dye inks should be removed right away from the stamps so clean them immediately.
There are a few products out there that are specifically made to clean up the dye inks.
KissOff and Simple Green are also said to help.
Dye inks usually will stain a rubber stamp over time no matter how quick you clean it.

One of those scruffy sponges (the two sided ones, scruffy one side (side you use), sponge the other side) is great for cleaning.
If you do any bleach stamping, the dye ink will come off at that time when you reuse your stamp.

Avoid using baby wipes with alcohol or aloe vera to clean your stamps.  Alcohol dries your rubber, and aloe vera will create spots where your stamp won’t ink.

No matter what, don’t let your stamps sit in water to soak, a wet paper towel folded up on a clean meat tray or plastic dish is ok.
You can give the paper towel a squirt of Simple Green also.

Make sure your stamps are dry before you put them away to prevent molding.

Mineral oil can be applied to dried out stamps to revive the rubber.
Wipe off the excess. Use the stamp later on after the moisturizer makeover treatment.

And never ever ever, run your entire stamp and block under water to clean it.  This will degrade the cushion and loosen the stamp from the cushion and block.

Clear/acrylic stamps can be cleaned easily with soapy water.

Good Luck and Happy Stamping.


4 responses to “Cleaning Rubber Stamps

  1. Anonymous Stamper

    Oh nice and informative post!!! I usually get stuck with the clogged rubber stamps, which become dusty with the regular usage.

  2. Thanks very much, so grateful for this post!!! First time I use Tim Holtz stamps and did not know how to clean them after: I thought I would clean them just like clear stamps: soapy water but something made me wondering if that was right…and decided to google it. I am from Chile and there are no stamps here; everything must be imported so thanks again, my stamps are a very valuable thing for me.

  3. Mary R.

    Thanks! Very helpful!

  4. Thanks for the info about using mineral oil to revive old rubber stamps. I’d been wondering what I could do for my aging collection of stamps.

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