Cards and Envelopes

What magazines or books do you recommend for cardmaking/card making?

If you are stamping and cardmaking:  StampIt, Scrap and Stamp, Stamper’s Sampler, Stamper’s Sampler Catch Up Issue, or Take Ten.
The Rubber Stamper is no longer a single magazine.  It is now incorporated into Crafts and Things.
RubberStampMadness contains many types of stamping but mostly creating scenes, techniques, and some cards.

If you are into scrapbook type cardmaking: Card Maker, or Paper Crafts.

There are also some compendium books produced by CardMaker and Paper Crafts with lots of ideas in them along with many other books.  Check my Amazon Listmania Card-e-ology for ideas.

What is a standard sized card? What is the size of a standard card?
It is half a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper cut either way then folded in half. This size fits “invitation” envelopes.
Cards can be made any size though but that is a standard size and usually the size you make for swapping unless the hostess specifies a certain size.

What do you put on the inside of a card? Can you leave it blank?
You can stamp an appropriate phrase on the inside or add a computer generated phrase or poem or use rub ons or stickers.
You can leave the inside of the card blank if you wish as a notecard.
You can leave the inside of the card blank (including for swaps) if you wish as a notecard.

Where can I get a customized personalized “made by/created by (my name)” to put on the back of my hand made cards?
PaperAngel has plenty of styles to choose from.  Often they offer a freebie stamp with an order.
Third Coast Rubber now also carries stamps of this kind.
Creative Images Rubber Stamps

Where can I get envelopes for my cards?

You can buy them at an office supply store in bulk.
I have bought a few boxes of invitation sized pastel envelopes at Rite Aid or WalGreens.
Joannes, and Michaels sell big boxes of colored envelopes around the holidays.
Stamp shops do sell individual and packaged envelopes in various sizes, colors, styles, and paper also so check there.

I have an odd sized card, I can’t find an envelope for it, what should I do?
You can mail it in a larger envelope OR you can create a custom made envelope. (see tutorial here)
Check with the post office to see if you need to pay a different rate for postage if it is an odd size.
Some people just wrap it up and put it in a larger standard sized envelope and mail it out.

How can I make my own envelopes for my cards?
There are several mylar or plastic templates on the market to trace and make envelopes, Green Sneakers is one.
There are also several kits you can get with various envelope styles and sizes, Anna Griffins has six templates in a set (check eBay for this item also.
You can check Mel Stampz post for lots of templates for envelopes.

How can I line my store bought envelopes?
Open the flap and lay out flat.  Trace the envelope.  It should look like a box with a triangle on top.
This is a template but in order for it to fit inside the envelope — you need to trim it down a bit and then insert it inside the envelope making sure that the glue lines of the envelope are free of the lining covering it.
Once you have fitted it, take it out and apply glue.

What are clear envelopes?  Where can I get them?
They are clear acetate so you can see the card front.  They come in various sizes
The side with the flap is usually the side people put the address and stamp on.
Some people use labels to put the address on but others put the address on a quarter sheet of computer paper (sometimes decorated) and slide it into the envelope so it covers the back of the card.
The post office does charge more to mail a clear envelope.
Google search “clear envelopes” and a few companies come up.

What about those cards and envelopes I see in the craft store, are they a good deal?
Yes, they are and if you can use a coupon, all the better. Usually they sell 50 cards and 50 envelopes and come in cream or white.
They are great for instant cards. Most people create a layer and just attach that to the card. No need to match a color, and you can use any colors.
The nice thing about them, is that you get a card and the right sized envelope!


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