Skinny Books

A skinny book has been around for educational purposes for many years.
Old reading book stories were recycled and pasted onto pages for students to practice and master reading.
Or books were created to help a student learn vocabulary, history time lines, specific facts related to a subject, or a quick book report project.

Books are usually sized 3 x 5 inches or  3 x 6 inches.

They can be created landscape or portrait.
The number of pages does not matter, make as few or as many as you like.
If there are many pages and they seem to be “stacked” in a high pile, then it becomes a “fat skinny book”.
They are bound in a variety of ways, just a punched hole with a circle binder,  or a couple of punched holes on the left side with ribbon or string.
Either way bound, additional pages can be added to the book in the future.

Here are some tips:
Recycle a cereal or cracker box or use chipboard as a sturdy page base.
Paint over the printed side of the box so that the print will not show through your work.
Tissue paper,  gift wrap can be recycled to cover the painted print and add color.
Use scrap book paper or paper that you painted or colored to cover the “pages”.
Remember to score  the sides for easy page turning 1/2 inch.
Create a hole punch template and line up each page to the template and punch to create holes for the binding.
You can use a binder machine if you do not wish to do the hole punch binding.

Additional note: Index cards, though not as sturdy can be used for the quickie type school project where only information is needed to be learned.

Content ideas
In the altered art world, there are swaps that have a specific theme that participants create a page, send to a hostess, who then swaps each page, maybe binds them, then distributes each book to each participant.

Specific themes in as an educational project could be types of art or art from one artist, words, quotes, favorite characters in a book, events of a book, words with illustrations or definitions.

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