Single Page Origami Squash Book

Lovely RAK from Shari “Rtist”.
The first picture is the book opened up. 
The fold is simple, only part of the origami flower fold.

1. Using a square piece of paper (any size as long as it is square, and the size you wish to work with), fold in half one way, and in half the other way creating four squares. Condition the folds by folding them in the opposite direction and back again.

2. Open up the paper and then fold on the diagonal.
(If you need a visual – draw a box and divide it into four sections, then draw a diagonal line from one upper corner to the opposite lower corner.)
You should have a triangular shape.

3. Press the side base points of the triangle into the center.
If your folds are conditioned, this should happen very easily.
You should have a square the quarter size of your original paper.

The image layers were created smaller on glossy card stock, than the area they are glued on, to allow the page to fold up.  Note that where the diagonal falls, those images were cut in half to accomodate the fold.

The covers were 1/2 inch larger than the folded square creating a 1/4 inch margin to allow the book to fold up neatly.  The covers were glued on the full squares backs, not the diagonal fold (which is the interior fold).
The covers were also covered with marbelized paper which was cut one inch larger than the cover square and the edges glued down before the folded piece was attached.




           The book closed.
Covers were funky handmade marbled paper.


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