Simple Pocket Book

Quick, Easy Simple Pocket Book

A six pocket book made out of three sheets of paper or light cardstock.
Simple to do and a nice gift.

Three sheets of patterned paper or light card stock.
You can use three sheets sized 8 1/2 by 11 or 12 by 12.
The white school grade drawing paper works well also.

Paper hole punch
1 inch circle punch

Fibers or ribbon
1/4 inch double stick tape

One half sheet of paper or card stock (for 8 1/2 by 11 that would be 4 1/4 by 11) if you want an additional cover.
Hole reinforcers


On your full sheets, mark off 1/2 inch margin on your entire long side.
Score and fold over (this is your first fold).
Fold (this is your second fold) the rest of the paper to the edge of the first fold.
Open the second fold
Apply the double stick tape to the entire 1/2 inch margin.
Fold over and seal the edges together.  You should have a sheet “sleeve”.
The taped down edge is the bottom of your page/book.

Do this to the other two sheets.
Fold each sheet in half again (third fold) to create “pages”.

On one sheet, use the 1 inch circle punch and punch out a half circle notch on the open ends.

Nest each folded sheet/sleeve to the inside fold of the previous folded sheet.
The notched sleeve is the middle nested sleeve.

This is how your book will look. Six pages, six pockets.

Trim the right side edges to even up the pages if necessary.

Open up a sheet/sleeve, place the hole punch as far as it will reach on the center of the spine fold and punch.
Do the other side.  You should have two holes on the top and bottom of the center spine fold.
Optional: Add inked hole re-inforcers to both sides of the sleeve.

Use this as a template to punch two more holes in each of the other sleeves.
Make sure that as you punch, that you are holding your page correctly, the taped edge is the bottom of your page/book.
All your holes should line up if you nest all the pages again.  If they are off a bit, don’t worry.

Optional cover:  If you wish to have a cover, fold over the optional half sheet, then just punch your holes to match up with your sleeve holes.
(Some people do not like pocket pages to be covers and first page in their book.)

Insert ribbon or fibers into the holes starting on the inside of the book so you can tie the binding. 
If you are double tying, start on the outside, to the inside back to the outside and tie.
Either way, don’t tie it too tight.

Decorate your pages and cover.

Add tabs to the center sleeve, one on the top and one on the bottom.  Glue these on the inside of the sleeve.

Add inserts to the sleeves — inserts should be smaller than the size of your pocket by about a half inch to glide in and out.

Eliminate the hole punches if you are using a Bind-It-All, a Zutter, or other binding machine.
Warning: make sure you take all your inserts out BEFORE you bind it!

Using the method described above, you can add more pages to your book, but think about this before you start and change your binding method.

Punch holes on the book, not on the “spine”, to use rings to bind it before you make any tags. 
Tags should be smaller than the width to fit in and not hit the rings.


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