Stack and Glue Binding

Stack and Glue Method binding

You have created your pages with the margin but you have not punched them.
Do not measure, do not punch.
You will still need to create a margin and to fold over the edge.

Stack the pages with the folded margin side down, this is how your book should look after you glue it together.

Remove the top page and flip so that the margin is facing up.
Using a heavy duty glue stick — apply glue to  the entire margin face.
Place the next page on top lining up the folded side and bottom edges and adhering.
The margins will act like a hinge allowing you to turn your pages easily.

Continue on till all your pages are stacked and glued.

Apply your covers with the folded margin the same way.
The top cover your folded margin is facing down toward the pages.
The bottom cover your folded margin is facing up toward the pages.

Add a spine if you wish.

Pages cannot be added to a book with this sort of binding.

If using a light card stock, consider using regular white glue to glue your pages.
Use binder clips, or clamps to press it together for a firm bonding.
Let dry completely.