Alternative Covers

Alternative Covers:

If you choose this method, you cannot add additional pages to your book.
You must use paper fasteners to bind your book.

For heavier covers — Recycle cereal boxes and paint or collage over the print covering it. 
Your cover will only be the width and lenght of your paper, no margin fold over.
You will have to punch holes and make a margin but you must score your margin for your book to open nicely.
You can do this with poster board also.

Use paper fasteners to hold your book together.

To create a spine, pick out a piece of patterned paper that measures 6 1/2 inches wide by 9 inches wide.
Cover a piece of 6 inches by 8 1/2 inches light card stock with the paper folding over and gluing the edges so that they will look neat and finished.
The light piece of card stock is for stability.  Glue this evenly over the spine side of the book leaving an equal amount on the cover and back.

You can even cover the recycled cereal box or poster board or spine with fabric for texture or pattern. 
Use Stitch Witchery or general white/fabric/craft glue to adhere the fabric.
(Stitch Witchery, fabric, craft glue can be found at a fabric store.)

If making a fancier album — you can use handmade papers for the cover and pages.

You can also cover chip board but the glue and stack method of binding may work better to open and close your book.