Minibook Video Tutorials

For those who need some visuals — here is a collection of video tutorials.
I watched every single one plus more.
Criteria for making the list – clear instructions/visuals, materials list provided, sound/picture quality, and speakers voice.

Updated December 2017

Accordion Book using 12 x 12 piece of paper folded, four cuts, shows how to cover chipboard covers and add ribbon closing. Click on her user name for more paper crafting videos!

Flap Album using Five Paper Bags (lunch size)

Signature book — shows how to sew signatures and glue the binding

Explosion Book — with a 12×12 inch paper

Exploding Box/Etui Box/Scrapbook in a Box — Alice uses cm rather than inches but you get the visual ideas.

Birthday Wish Envelope Book made with a manilla folder and coin envelopes

Fold Out Book — starts two minutes into the video

How to Make a Zine — One sheet, a few folds, and one cut = eight pages

Squash/Diamond Fold/Origami Flower Fold Book

4 x 4 Mini Double Accordion Album (no voice, music)

Starbucks Coffee Sleeve Book**

Envelope Album — although in French, the pictures tell the process.
All the envelopes are handmade however, the idea can be applied using regular envelopes of any size put together the same way.

Squash Book — three squares of paper, three folds (in half, turn, in half again to equal 4 sections, turn, one diagonal fold), layer the folded paper, add covers (1/2 inch all around larger than your paper squares), glue down ribbon on the front, add a 3D embellishment, tie the book shut.

Tag/Flag Book Dawn shows you how to create this accordion pleated spine 6 x 6 minibook.

(**FiskarsTV on YouTube but only a few videos)
The following below were on Fiskars TV (closed down) however, there are no direct links.  This list is now for reference.

02/01/08 Accordion with Holly
10/15/07 Ribbon Book with Jennifer Strano
03/15/07 Photo Scrapbook with Shimmel Laine (5-12 x 12 sheets cut into 4 inch strips (15 strips total), hole drilled, rings as bindings, add photos, and embellish, cut and stagger edges)
10/02/06 Pumpkin Minibook
09/01/06 Chipboard Minibook with Stephanie Hamen
08/01/06 Starbuck Coffee Sleeve Book with Ana Cabrera

If you know of one that can be added to the list, contact me with the URL.

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