File Folder Accordion Book

File Folder Accordion Book

Using a standard sized manilla file, create a 4 pocket accordion book.
You will have three folds to create the accordion —> V-M-V (valley, mountain, valley)

Open up the file and lay it flat.
Mark 4 inches from the bottom edge to fold up on the line and make a pocket.
I mark dots, and place a metal ruler to make the first crease along the dots.

Fold over the left edge to the center fold making a valley fold.  Line up the straight edge (not the tab edge) to the center fold.
The tab edge will overlap the center fold line.

Fold back the center (natural and original) fold to create a mountain fold.

Make your final valley fold lining up the “binding” first fold to make the binding side even.
Note —> This will be your back page, back of the accordion and will be a bit larger than the other four sections.
Use double stick tape. glue, glue gun to hold down the left and right folded edges that create the pocket.
You can insert ribbon and tape it down before closing the edge, to tie it closed or wrap it around the folded/closed book.
Or  you can use an elastic or just tie a ribbon or twine.

The files can be covered with scrapbook paper or painted (paint first before folding).
If using for a school project, students can create small pictures to put on the panels with info on tags or index cards.
For instance — as a book report, the cover has title and author. The interior panels 1,2,3 can have pictures of the beginning, middle and end of the story with the 4th panel the favorite scene,  or a picture of the reporter with a card rating the book, or their favorite part of the book.

Note that on cheaper folders (like mine, I got a pack of 50 at the dollar store) — you will have to fiddle with the folds a bit.
The tabs also are a bit different and the first panel tabs are smaller than the last panel tabs.
If you are using a better quality file, this may not be the case.  Also, better quality files do have some company name print on them.
If this is the case, look at the file and decide what side you wish to use whether you want that to show or not.
If you decorate, this will not be an issue.

Using the same concept, you can use a legal sized folder also but would have to adjust the pocket size by folding up more than 4 inches.