Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas was a frequent paper artist guest on The Carol Duvall Show (now cancelled – “sniff”) on HGTV.
She made nifty little books (minibooks) usually doing origami type folds. I had all those instructions linked but HGTV changes links and they become broken.
Then HGTV cancelled The Carol Duvall Show but repeats of the show air/aired on DIYNetwork.
The tutorials for Karen’s projects were there. I linked them up but POOF again, the links were broken and then all the CDS tutorials seemed to have disappeared!

If you go to the DIYNetwork site, they do have a video library and CDS segments were there at one point, not sure if they are there now, (never know with their fickleness) but you can try.

So, since so many Karen and CDS fans come to my site looking for Karen, this is all I can do for you at this point, create a page in her honor with some working links and the news that she has changed her name.

Savor what we do have . . . left!
Thanks for stopping by my little shrine for our two favorite paper crafting gals we love — Karen and Carol.

Memory Book shaped like a house

Accordion Book in a box == origami project

directions with photos for the video above

Karen Elaine’s Blog — formally known as “Karen Thomas”

Please note that not all the former projects from the CDS are on her projects page or at the Yasumoto site.

Karen’s Projects

Yasutomo Projects