Carol Duvall Show



Carol Duvall MiniBook Instructions

Carol’s Show has moved over to DIY as have all her project pages.  The link provided above brings up her shows so all you have to do is find the number.  For shows 100-900, you must open the java box and click on the number OR just type in the show/number in the search box and it should come up.  Keep in mind, that HGTV and DIY do change links frequently to prevent bandwidth theft.

 My shrine page for
Karen Thomas and Carol Duvall

Show Number Project Guest
CDS312 Post It Notebooks Rebecca Meredith
CDS508 MiniScrapbook Ana Araujo
CDS514 Paper Engineered PopUp Book James Diaz
CDS533 MiniBook Jewelry Christine Angeli
CDS553 Pop Up Sandi Genovese
CDS650 Shapely Mini Scrapbooks Ana Araujo
CDS857 Concertina Books for CDs Suzanne McNeil
CDS928 Coin Book Michelle Gerbrandt
CDS933 Antiqued Copper Book Cheryl Darrow
CDS936 MiniBook Necklace Karen Thomas
CDS1135 Mini Notebooks with PostIts Christine Angeli
CDS1205 MiniBook Box Michele Ross
CDS1218 Accordion Books (2) Carol Duval
CDS1256 Envelope Book Cindy Johnson
CDS1305 Embossed Scrapbook Sandi Genovese
CDS1307 Japan Book (theme) Karen Thomas
CDS1350 Signature Book Karen Thomas
CDS1501 Memory Book House (PDF) Karen Thomas
CDS1506 Clear Envelope Photo Album Melissa Baldwin
CDS1515 2 Circle Journals Sandi Genovese
CDS1551 Heart Journal Sandi Genovese
CDS1613 Altered Book Techniques Beth Cote
CDS1628 Paper Bag and Tag Journal Carol Duval
CDS1703 Distressed Tag Journal Tim Holtz
CDS1714 Flip-Fold Photo Album> Michael Strong
CDS1731 Photo Pocket Journal Dana DeCicco
CDS1739 Flag Flip Book Tricia Morris
CDS1740 Domino Diary Pendant Tim Holtz
CDS1751 Altered Zip and Flip Book Cherryl Greene