Printing 12 x 12 Digital Pages

Where to print 12 x 12 digital scrapbook layouts.
Resources where to print your digital scrapbook layouts.

Save your digital scrapbook page image file as a 300 dpi PDF, JPEG, or TIFF format file to a CD.
Bring the CD with you to place your order at the Walk In shops.
Ask at the copy center about the estimated print life of their inks, paper types available, and any other archival questions.

Here is a picture tutorial on how to prepare a “slab” of 6 x 6 pages to print.

Walk Ins — call to find out what they offer

Kinkos/Fed Ex Copy Centers — depends on location, will copy pages for $2.00 approx each.

Possibly your local COSTCO you can print out 12 x 12 pages (or two – 6×6 pages approx $1.99) or a 12 x 18 inch page (one 12 x 12 and two 6 x 6 OR six 6 x 6 pages for approx $5.00).
Not all COSTCOs will print all sizes however they offer shipping to you (you pay small postage fee).
Drop off and pick up in the store, they are flat, if mailed, they are rolled in a tube.

Sam’s Club will print a 16 x 20 page for approx. $13.99, prices/sizes may vary at locations.


My Pic Tales — $1.00 — shipping and handling charges depend on your location.

ScrappingSimply — $1.99 per page

PurePrint — $2.25 per page

Scrapbook Pictures — prices vary according to what type of paper and finish you want.

Scrapbooks to Share

White House Custom Color — more expensive at $4.15 but this includes shipping.  Minimum order required.

Bound Books







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