WordPress vs Blogger 2

Here is a quick overview list of some general WordPress Pros and a few general cons (compared to Blogger) to consider.

I use both WordPress and Blogger but I do prefer WP because:

1. They are more reliable and have more up time with few burps!

2. Less issues

3. Super stats — can’t be beat!

4. Sticky posts (unlike Blogger’s idea of a sticky post) — check any post from the past without changing the date to get to the top.

5. Auto-slide shows,  or create gallery page/s.

6. Unlimited pages with your blog (Blogger only offers 10).  Stamphenge is mostly made up of hundreds of pages rather than blog posts.

7. Customized menus (drag and drop). Mouse over “Minibooks” to see the drop down menu I added.

8. Custom or short URLs that are Twitter friendly!

9. Files

10. Plenty of free space — 3 Gigabytes (upgrade fee if you want more). No bandwidth worries.

11. More free templates (can customize most, some can be bought (new feature)) than Blogger.


12. A strong help/support community with a quick response.

They offer lots of other free perks (like password protected posts or pages) also, some I do not use myself but may eventually. They constantly upgrade their product and have great communication.

I really love the Tag Surfer feature!

Some WP downsides compared to Blogger features:
1. No scripting allowed.

2. Your template choice comes with a set font.

3. No followers but people can subscribe (use widget app) without you having to use a third party app.

4. No access to CSS unless you pay annually BUT plenty of templates to choose from with some allowing header and background customizing.

5. Light ads do indiscreetly appear in your free WP blog (above the comment box on posts). These can be removed with an annual upgrade fee.

6. Tags are community based (Blogger is individual blog based.) which can bring in more traffic. Use categories only if you don’t want the traffic. (You can use both.)

7. No ad sense allowed.

They offer import auto upload of Blogger posts and comments under Dashboard –> Tools.
Posts from LiveJournal, Posterous, Moveable Type and Typepad can also be imported to your WP blog.

Your WP posts can also be exported to other blog platforms.

This is a more detailed article of features.

Official WordPress Feature Details